Wake and Take!

Hey, hi, and hello out there! Just left out of an NA speaker jam in a nearby city. For the most part, erryone that spoke was inspiring and talked of the message of hope. But one, naw maybe two, just spoke out their necks! This was at a treatment facility for addicts specifically for newcomers. It was just a glorification of the good old day for him it seemed like. So much so it became hard for me to breathe. Each breathe took more and more energy for me. Each time he said the word heroin or the phrase sit dope, my stomach flipped again and again. Hopelessness began to take her grip on my throat! My mouth even watered! Fucking ducked up shit main on the real! Why though? I had to get up and wOk out before he was done. He may have had a message but the delivery though! He reminded me of a dude I used to cop from too! Addiction truly never goes away! It doesn’t! It really just waits patiently, getting stronger by the second. Waiting, waiting, waiting. It hits from time to time for me still. Sometimes I go to my safe spot, my bed. I turn to music and books. I go to that place in my mind I wrote about in here. Who remembers what I named it? I get lost in there, that spot. It’s a dark place yeah, but I’ve grown comfortable in the dark. As I have wrote before, that is where I see the light the best! I’ve become comfortable being alone. I just lost my train of thought, ima bounce. Me and my homie gonna head to the beach and go get some ice cream! God Bless and stay up…20170729_180034.jpgoh yeah, the title! Wake and take! I posted an MGK song called wake and bake just before this. Well i dont smoke, obviously. So I wake and take. I wake up blessed. I wake up fortunate. And then I take! I FUCKING take it all! Everything they said I could or would never have, I’m fucking coming for it! I take a chance on myself everyday as well. Because believe it or not, a lot of people not only won’t even give me one, some no longer will! Haters! Non believers! It’s beyond me! I am jay, I’m a fucking addict!

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