Hey, hi, and hello out there! Been a pretty fucken sweet past couple of days for sure! Done so much and so little all in the same few days! Sounds crazy riggt??? Well with the way life has come at me over the past almost 14 months, I needed a few days to just sit still and breathe Blackwell. I truly do believe that things happen for a reason. And that people come and go In your life at the right times for the right reasons. This dog, naw wait, my fucken homie, Duke, came into my life and has saved it, my life, more times than I can count. What i mean is, besides the obvious, Duke is there, always! No matter what. Now at times I used to see this as a handicap, a hindrance almost. It slows me down having him with me. But that’s just what the fuck I needed. I made myself this busy. He has shown me it’s ok to slow down Blackwell. He needs me as much as I need him! He been through some shit too! I got you Duke! The title, kiss, keep it simple stupid! Life is pretty simple, I complicate it! Mak8ng some moves in the next couple of weeks, big moves. These are well thought out and calculated moves. Nothing impulsive or compulsive. I’m just gonna focus on school and my recovery again for a while. Getting reconnected with my old peeps in NA where it all began for me! To those of you out there in the grip, I pray! God Bless and stay up…20170730_171355.jpg

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