Some things will just never change…

20170731_190905I am jay, I’m a fucking drug addict! That’s a fact. I have a very deep and dark past, another fact! I’ve done some really dark shit in active addiction. Yet another fact. I’ve even made some fucked up mistakes in recovery! Fact! Whatever you wanna call me, label, or judge me as, go the fuck ahead! But do it and then keep it moving! This stigma of addicts can’t or will never change is FUCKING BULLSHIT! There are so many of us out here doing it every damn day! Another fact! I see em everywhere everyday!!! Doing it! Going through shit  that non addicts could never even fathom sometimes just to get out of bed! To all them addicts out there, going through it on the daily but somehow seem to manage to keep your head up and doing it clean, I FUCKING see you man! I Do! The struggle is real! I am struggle! I am Jay and I’m an addict! To those of you out there in the grip, I pray! God Bless and stay up, way up!

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