” When i grow up, I wanna be a drug addict…”

IMG_20170809_185442G’morning out there! Can you fucking hear that?! Can you really feel that? The title, that’s my book title. Wrapping that shit up not as easy as starting it was. Relevant though to my life, wait, that’s because it IS my fucking life! And not just a drug addict, I am addicted to do much more! I’ve recently made one life changing decisions. I’ve decided to move. Well, my jerk off landlord had some help with that choice! But I could’ve moved into another apartment,  or stayed where I first went with family. I didn’t though. I moved back into a more structured living situation where I lived last year. It’s a transitional housing facility for veterans only. My eyes see things a little bit differently than they ever have. I’m a humble man but i will slap a bitch! Anyways, yeah, I’m back here with an open mind and a new hunger! School starts in just over a week! I got a tough schedule. Ima set the bar high again though! Trust and believe. I am Jason, and I AM am an addict! This is one thing i do know for sure! I’ve made some mistakes over the past 14 months i cannot afford to make again! So here I am! Mickey, love you girl! That’s my woman, Mickey. That’s her in the picture! This one though! Ima hafta cut this short, I’ll be back though God Bless and stay up

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