Batter up…

20170810_205642G’morning out there! Woke up feeling good. ” half of a boy and twice the man. Carry the weight of the world in the palm of my hand…” some John Mayer lyrics for ya that I’m also feeling this morning! Stated see my therapist again, got me an appointment this morning! He is THE only one iv ever found that does any fucking Good! Batter Up! That title though. So you’re up at the plate, the count is full, next pitch comes. Do you strike out looking? Do you swing for the motherfucking fence? It’s not a world series game and it’s won or lost with your hit. No no. This is just another game. At most a cross town classic or the second of a double header. Ima fucking swing that stick with every motherfucking thing I am EVERY GOD DAMN TIME! Ain’t no way ima ride the pine wondering what would have happened if I did more than just look!  Been having some great opportunities lately with more and more in the horizon. Things are good! Today,  things are good. Getting back into the swing of things. Keeping it simple. I sat back and thought, damn man, life is getting way too fast! Too damn complex and complicated. So I thought,  how can I slow down? How can I as Jay and an addict make things simpler? So here I am. Keeping it simple today, slow but steady! Smiling until it hurts! Focussed, hungry, and driven! To those of you out there in the grip of it, I pray! I love you and you matter to Me! God Bless and stay up! Swing for the fence today!

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