Paradoxes in life…

So, once again, I find the words to explain how I feel about not being able to feel. About how feeling, now that I’m clean and in recovery, makes me, at times, not want to feel! The next words are not my own as much as they are exactly what I feel, I can not claim them to be…” perspectivism, thus, is both something that must be understood and something that suggests that understanding may be impossible ” wow right? Anyone else right the fuck there with me? After I read that, I went outside and cried while I smoked a cigarette. It goes on to say that, ” if perspectivism is correct, and as it seems to claim, every interpretation creates it’s own facts, then it may seem impossible to decide whether any interpretation is or is not correct. And if there is nothing of which all these are the interpretation s, then the very idea of interpretation,  which seems to require at least that there be something there to be interpretated,  begins to appear itself suspect”. This fucking book though has me stick like chuck! I’ll continue this in another post…. God Bless and stay up!20170814_141907.jpg

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