Death of a Day…

G’morning out there. Can ya feel me? Can ya see me? Can you fucking hear me?!20170815_070925.jpgThe death of a new can only mean the birth of a new one with the right frame of mind. Freedom! Freedom to live today no matter what happened yesterday or even five minutes ago. It’s never too late! Everything is fixable with the right eyes, the rightheart, the right something. The right Perspective maybe. Because isn’t everything just a bunch of perspectives no one being more right or wrong than the next? So to me it’s more a choice to see the right Perspective and stay the fucking course. I need to live today for all those yesterday’s past that are gone forever! I need to live today for every year I have ever cried! For every time I said I was ok and I wasn’t! I need to live today for every tomorrow that’s not promised! I want to live today for every lost soul, every addict that doesn’t know how. To live for every one in the grip and dying inside. For every vet brother and sister doing what very few could ever fathom just to be judged for the way they did it! For me, I LIVE TODAY!

I sit, and breathe. The sunlight and breeze in my face.i look up as the years flow, they run down my face with style, with grace. Each one a memory past, each one for the face he has seen for the last. Each one for the addict who struggled to make it through the night, each one for the ones lost in the fight.

To those of you in the grip, I pray! I love you and you matter to me. God Bless and stay up!

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