The Trace of Stones…

Hey, hi, and hello out there! So I’ve recently been challenged to something I’ve always wanted to do. I was given a title and I have to write about it in my blog here. So as some of you may or may not know, I do not ever prewrite my blog posts. So here goes something boy. There’s all sorts of stones out there to write about. The Rolling stones, gall stones. There’s Oliver Stone, who made two of my all time favorite movies, The Doors, and Born on Fourth of July. There are pretty stones. There are also ugly stones such as the one pictured in this pic. The stone in that necklace around my neck was picked very carefully as i suggested one be picked up that everyone else might just pass up.20170817_004334There are stones used for war. There are stones used for roads that we drive on. People use stones for decoration,jewelry,  art and for protection. People are forced to make little stones out of big stones during rock pile Thursday as in another great movie, Cool Hand Luke.

20170817_004532.pngpeople skip stones! There are stones I don’t even know about I am sure, as well as uses I can’t begin to fathom. There are strange stones, Stonehenge!  Mysterious stones if you will. The pyramids.  Old stones and new stones. In between stones. People throw stones too. 20170817_004458.pngstones that can be used for Zen as well. Good stones and bad stones. Stones of all sorts shapes and sizes for so many different reasons! 20170817_004401.pngall these different stones that do all these different things all have the ability to leave traces in one’s life. It’s these traces though! These memories, or frozen little pieces of time, some fade to black, while others hold their luster. These traces man. Stones have touched my life, my soul. They have left traces impossible to fade. Take for instance the stones that my recovery is built on. These stones were not obtained very easy at all. They came with a price tag that almost cost me my life more times than I can count. It’s these stones that have left a trace I can’t forget nor would if I could. There is soul in these stones. These ones are not made of granite,lime, or pyrite. These stones are made from much much more. These stones are people. These stones have a heartbeat and a voice. They are what my recovery is built on and it is they who have left traces that all the time in the world could never fade with the strongest of waves or wind!

The Trace of Stones, by Jay Blackwell

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  1. These ones are not made of granite,lime, or pyrite. These stones are made from much much more. These stones are people. These stones have a heartbeat and a voice.

    The power of these few lines is absolutely intriguing and intensifying.

    While you provide tons of examples of stones their purposes begin to make a direct trace between one another. While that is not intentional nor seen by all it is felt developing a distinctive trace.

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