Frozen moments in Time…

Hey, hi, and hello out there. The title though. its my description of a photo. A photo that was taken either physically with a camera or phone, or just a memory. A mental snapshot. They become bits and pieces of little frozen moments in time. These little bits and pieces get stored in my mental filing cabinet. They become my fall back if you will. They are what i think about when times and things arent going as i wish. The new ones so fresh and vibrant. Its not just about the visual remembrance of it all either. Sometimes, no matter how old that frozen moment was, I can still smell what was in the air. I can still feel that raw fucking emotion that was the elephant in the room at the time. And its with both the good and the bad. The new ones have all this luster and shine. They take away from the old ones until i smell something old again for the first time. Or hear a song. Or go through a similar situation. Its these little bits of frozen time that have gotten me through some really tough times! Its the excitement of keeping and making new ones too though! To those of you out there in the grip, I pray. I love you and you matter to me! Because ” you cant hide your fears and I cant hide mine”! God bless and stay up! I am Jay, I am a drug addict!!!WIN_20170818_05_22_57_Pro

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