Hey, hi, and hello out there! Can you see Me? Reflections huh? Yeah there are many kinds of reflections to talk about and all of them, to me, sort of tie together. There are reflections on a mirror or window. That one is probably the most widely thought about type of reflection. Who doesn’t look into a mirror right? And often times, many, many times a day. I do. It’s not the most important, physical appearance,  but when I look in the mirror, I see more than just my outward body. I see pain. I see change. I see strength and weakness. I see having to surrender in order to live to fight another day. I see hope. I see recovery. I see the eyes of a man that has been through some shit and lived. I see a man who is living today. I see love. I see anger and frustration. I see fuck you at times. I’m happy with what I see these days. 20170819_192941.jpg20170705_090931there are reflections on most anything, ponds, lakes, windows, and so on. Each will show you a different view of what you see. Can your eyes handle what you see though? Different isn’t always good for me to accept still.

20170819_171713.jpgand then there are photos to reflect back on. Photos, remember, those little frozen bits of time? They too capture and reveal more than just something physical to me. I can remember the emotion at the time, who I was with that’s not in it, who took it, the smells. Photos are great, both mental photos and physical ones. There are so many ways to reflect back on things.  I reflect back often. It helps me to project a few things. It helps me not make some of the same mistakes. It helps me remember things that get lost or loose their luster. Photos have a tendency to do that if not looked at because new ones will try to do that to them, steal their shine! Like an old tattoo,  it’s weathered and faded from the sun and hundreds of hours on a roof or finishing concrete. It may even have a scar in it. Those are my favorites! A new one is pretty to look at sure, but the old one boy! It has weathered a few storms with me! And lived!

So reflections huh? Headed to church in a little while, I need This! I have so much not only to be thankful for, but also to repent! To those of you out there in the grip, I PRAY! I love you and you matter to me! God Bless and stay up…

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  1. Photos… One word that changed my life and as I can see, must have changed yours too. A photo means more than a picture ever will. You’ve nailed it in this writing my friend! Keep it up.

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