My Left Hand is free…

Hey, hi, and hello out there! I have heard it from many of my musician friends that playing an instrument and singing is like writing hello with your left hand and goodbye with your right one! Kind of makes you look at music a little differently now huh? I have tried playing various types throughout my life and never had any real success. I guess I am not bad at the drums, but never really stuck with it long enough to get anywhere desirable with it. I have also tried writing hello with my left and goodbye with my right at the same time. I have done this quite a bit actually! Some days, and it has been a while, I do everything lefty. Yeah, complete southpaw action for the whole day. Not really sure where I got the idea for this but I just did it one day and it became a little trend of mine. I guess it was along the lines of I might be forced to only have the use of my left hand and arm one day so I started to just fuck around with it. Any who. Back to the title, My left hand is free. I multitask pretty well for the most part and on most days. I do have my days both good and bad where I can do no wrong. Days where all I do is move with style and grace, blowing through the day like a strong wind with direction, with purpose. On the flip side, I too have them days where I am two left feet. Days where I am ate up, born with no thumbs! And both are ok, I am human. They can’t all be stellar days of progress. On those days where I am moving like the wind though, I look down and notice, My Left Hand is free. Why is that? It needs to be used, It needs a purpose! And today my friends, I have found that purpose. It has found a use, my left hand. Hold the jokes please, unless you can be original, then and only then, bring the noise. I am going to start using it more and more every day until it can do just as much if not more than its twin. In fact, I typed out this whole blog using only my left hand. The whole hand and not just a couple of fingers either. Grabbing gears every which way I know how to anymore. and learning new ways to along the way.

I started fall semester classes today and oh boy what a great first day it was. It was also the birth of #jaystrong! On a day when the eclipse was happening. I am having some technical difficulties with loading my power point on here until I upgrade my plan. So if you are interested. send me your email and I can send it to you that way. That’s all for tonight. My brain is tired. Going to sleep a happy man once again. To those of you out there in the grip, I pray. Let me in or let me down! God bless and stay up. I love you and you matter to me!21035147_452852748431842_899368667_o

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