Soaked to My Soul…

Hey, hi, and hello out there! Woke up clean again, with a heavy wet soul. It’s heavy in a good way these days, and wet. My soul is soaked to the bone with love. My soul is soaked with a hunger. It’s heavy with existence, with experience. That soul that was just recently stirring in the air, it has made its presence known. I am soaked to my soul with hate, with anger. That anger is a gift if I use it correctly. I am soaked to my soul with a loneliness¬†never known. I am soaked right down to my fucking soul with sickness, with disease! Ate up! Born with no thumbs! My soul though! It’s heavy from the blanket of recovery. My soul though. Yeah, I am soaked to my soul….WIN_20170823_04_28_56_Pro

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