Motherfucking three the HARD way…

Buenos Dias out there! Can you hear me? can you see me? or can you at least feel me? A lot more than not people ask me, ‘ why do you do things the hard way, Blackwell?’ Well, my only response to that is why do most people automatically assume I see things any other way? I wake up each day and play the cards I am dealt the best way I know possible. It ain’t my fault I still play prison rules at times, just saying. To live another day to surrender, in order to be able to fight another second doesn’t always mean completely throwing in the towel and walking away. Though at times is all I wanna do Ya know? Like, I’m taking my fucking ball and going home! Sit still and breath Blackwell! Well, sometimes that means sitting when and where it’s most uncomfortable. This too shall pass right? And it does, but so does the good times. So enjoy them when you get them because life is lurking right around the corner, patiently waiting to slam my fucking face to the ground after kicking me in the nuts. I am Jay and I’m a fucking addict! Let me in or let me down. To those of you out there in the grip, I pray. God bless and stay up. I love you and you matter to me.21169285_454793008237816_440507592_o

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