His Fathers Son…

20170901_192704.jpgFighting with these demons, it’s the Devil they thought had won.

I always cried,”It ain’t fair”, the questions they linger in the air, answers no longer there.

Couldn’t learn from his mistakes, had to make em myself.

My power of will turned into my will to power. I found myself becoming, sl9owly, the same man I despised.


“Facts are precisely what there is not, only interpretations “.

It’s no suprise.  Making an argument with passion, without compromise. Simple efforts mask it in true fashion.

My life as a whole, is just that, written on the wall, plastered.

New man, new plan.

All I hafta do is change who i am, no wait, who I was.

I am the man I have become. I am that blood I make me bleed….


I love you and miss you Dad!

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