Worst case…

Buenas Dias out there! I hope you all have or will wake up as blessed as I am again today. I posted a song before this post where in it a man does a James Taylor cover. He incorporates a little bit of his life into it. Boss as fuck! I am jealous I didn’t think of this, But, as I have quoted another before as saying, ” there is no such thing as style but only, so to speak, a difference between various texts”.

His story and mine are not that different though, the struggle is real. I have a million songs I know I could do this with and just may someday when the creativity hits. Some of you may not like this sort of music but I beg of you to check it out. The title though, huh? Worst case. It can come into play in almost every scenario I encounter in my life. It all comes back to my view through my lens of perception at the very second. That is why it is so important to me to remain humble, positive, and open minded no matter what. To try and focus on what I am blessed to have and not what I do not or what others have or are doing. Stay in my lane if you will. I am human though and I do make mistakes.

And well sometimes Life only gives me shit fucking cards to play though. So, deal with the worst case scenario I must. I also have a tendency to make mountains out of mole hills, no wait, mountains from a simple grain of sand! It is not always life or death, though it does feel like it at times. Sit still and breath Blackwell! Fire and rain huh? Maybe it should be, Fire away with the Reign! I am Jay and I am an addict. I have found that new way to live and I fucking love it! To those of you out there in the grip, I pray. Let me in or let me down! God bless and stay up. I love you and you matter to me!21389367_457492454634538_1502512346_o

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