One Day At A Time…

Only You can save yourself from your day! I can’t be something I’m not. I’m Jay and im an addict, I almost forgot. Life took a turn for the better, I went down the right road. Still weighed down though, I’ve never carried a light load. Can you feel me? This is my LIFE im fighting for. Never forget where I’ve been, ain’t no telling where I might go. Flying high today on Life, cut the string so the kites gone. Nights are short but the day is long. I write these words and I sing my song. Hoping they’ll be read long after I’mWIN_20170905_06_07_04_Pro gone. My daddy was a rolling stone, my mommas a real angel. she walks behind me untangling the web I entangle. Writing my words and singing my song. You got more obstacles for me? Bring em on! That monkey on my back like im the man in the yellow hat!

I am Jay and I am an addict!


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