Born Under a Bad Sign…

G’morning out there. Thoughts obscured, visions blurred. Can’t wrap my mind around whats just occurred. I try to be a better man each day than I was the day before, but Life keeps slamming my fucking face to the floor. Everyone has limits, everyone has lines. It is how I behave in the struggle in which my character is defined. To do right when everyone is looking though, fuck when no one is looking. To walk away and forgive not for them but for me? Is this really the caliber of man I think I can be? Sit still and breathe Blackwell! Can your ears handle what I am about to tell though?

Born under a bad sign? Already past those limits, already over them lines. So here it is that I sit. I breathe. And I pray. Are you ready for just what it is I am about to say! CAN YOU FUCKING HEAR ME?! Today doesn’t feel like just another day! The demons have broke free! The Devil has come out to play! A broken man who tries to be better. with every second my vision gets redder. Sometimes though….

to those of you out there in the grip, i pray. i am jay and i am an addict. let me in of let me down. god bless and saty lo…WIN_20170907_08_10_03_Pro


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