Too High to Die!

Good morning out there. Woke up to a thunderstorm! Any other morning, this would have had the potential to be disastrous, but not this morning. Because I woke up too high to die! More words from that language that is yet to be. I woke up seeing things the way they were ought to be seen. If I told you how I feel, would you understand me? If I told you I was writing in blue and not green would your eyes believe me? Or shall I write in blood red? Or, shall it be that deeper shade of blue that best suits you? Sad songs and thunderstorms no longer shake me to my soul, for I woke up too high to die!

Can you feel me? CAN YOU HEAR ME???????!!!!!!!!!

Time, it’s just an illusion designed to mask my confusion. Down the rabbit hole and I am now the mad scientist looking for that right mixture of do this and don’t do that’s. Your formula won’t work for me because I’m too high to die and at a half tank of gas before sunrise again. Some of you will get it, some of you won’t. And that’s ok, it’s no surprise. Not everyone will be able to read with the right eyes, the words I write from that language that is yet to be, but soon, you might see. Soon I will make you believe, that I am right where I was always supposed to be.21017752_452671598449957_690155483_o

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