The pistol is the profit…

In philosophy class they say to ask why and what if. In NA they say to never forget where you’ve been or your last high. Slippery slopes, both of them. What do you do when time becomes a thief and and that cup I once drank from has become a bucket from which most of what’s inside spills all over me when i attempt to take a drink? So i reain thirsty. But will you still be able to hear my words through these dry and cracked lips? I try not to be submerged in reality, only aware of it. Sit still and breathe Blackwell. Reflect and think critically. My soul is growing heavy and wet, it’s soaked. To sit still and breathe when it feels like I’m under water, so I bought a snorkel!

Sometimes I don’t think I have the wrong answers to the right questions as much as I think I am asking, or being asked, the wrong questions. How come or how long maybe? Living out of suitcases ain’t my idea of home anymore. The air is thin and the sunset is a lie!20170920_191815.jpg

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