The beginning of the end, day one…

It’s unfortunate but necessary. If nothing changes, nothing changes. One chapter must end in order for another to begin right? I take nothing as given. We need to allow the suffering to speak! I can hear them, can you? Do you really listen though? or just wait for your turn to talk? CAN YOU FUCKING HEAR ME?!?!?!?  Looking at the world through a window in a glass house. My closet is empty. Those skeletons now work for me. Again, I speak in that language that is yet to be. Time is still a thief and the sunset continues to lie to me. I am destined to be blessed, or cursed for all of the eternity. Seconds turn into minutes and then hours. Hours spin onto days which I will never get back again. Months and years are quick to take from me things I never really had. Peceptionism….My lens of perception… That grease of life….it’s a slippery slope. Your it and mine aren’t the same. You breathe your air and I breathe mine if we share, I die. What you know bout Life Blackwell? Nuthin! What you know bout Love Blackwell? Even less.

Third verse, same as the first….I’m tiredWIN_20170921_13_35_16_Pro (2)

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