Don’t Look Now!

Hey, Hi, and Hello out there. As the title says, “Don’t Look Now”! He’s been standing inches from the edge for so long and he finally did it! He jumped! That’s it that’s all! It’s over! He quit! I finally jumped is motherfucking right! No longer held back! No longer held down! I am free of that vicious cycle! By chains, I am no longer bound! We do recover! Look around! I was finally let in and I promise I won’t let me down!

While you were all sleeping my soul was stirring about in the night. “I will, at length, apply myself earnestly and freely to the general overthrow of all my former opinions”, Descartes.  The sky is my neighborhood! Some of these former opinions may not be false and I am okay with whatever outcome and fully prepared.

The truth is I am bored, stagnant, and insatiable. If I spend my whole life in the sky dreaming, searching, and exploring, to me, it won,t be a waste! They say I am strange because I want change! So be it! I am Jay, I am strange!

My mind is no longer a battlefield where a war rages constantly! It has become the canvas on which I am painting my masterpiece! I am Jay, therefore I am!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. Stay up. I love you and you matter to me.


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