Life Re-lived, For the First Time, Again…


It is…..

With trouble on my left

And trouble on my right

Goals are what is in my sights

My dreams are what has come to life

I no longer have anything

to prove


for once,

I have everything to lose

Loosen the noose and

don’t hold on so tight


in order




it changes people

it Motivates Me

I am no longer drowning in a sea of FEARS

the OBJECT in the mirror is LARGER than it appears

Don’t believe all that you see

all that you


My ship has set sail

my destination,

no longer to fail!

finally got that tiger by the tail

floating on and on in an ocean of dreams

that has no shores

I never expected life to offer this and so much


2 thoughts on “Life Re-lived, For the First Time, Again…

  1. Drowning in a sea of fears 😉 my forever favorite one was where you wrote using almost only ALL of the previous blog titles!!!! You should do another soon. Loved it

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