Hello Feelings, my old friend…

Hey, hi, and hello! Even though the day is almost over the uneasiness of it lingers on and on. Sometimes my thoughts are racing so fast and hard that I cannot even zero in on a hundred of them until I just sit and write them down so here it goes…

First, I must say again, that from thought to word and then from word to paper or in this case keyboard, it is a process so simple yet so complex in its lifetime of thoughts within each second that it is hard to explain just exactly what it takes for me to do something I love as much as write…

Each blink of my eyes cleans the mental palate. Thoughts manifest out of thin air, DREAMS! When I write something down it is as if I am creating more than just a mental frozen moment in time, it then becomes real. Well, as real as anything else I have ever imagined anyways…

I wonder, if I asked that question, does your mouth have what it takes to answer me?

Can you tell me what these ears need to hear?

For me to, you know, keep being me…

Does your heart have what it takes to bleed?

I wonder…

Sitting here so calm and lazy. Life is happening all around me with that tendency to get pretty crazy

He says with a sigh..”shit don’t faze me!”

Faces long and grim, souls are getting HEAVY!

Faith has long been thin

I am that Sunrise you will never see

I am everything you will never be

I am complication and misery

The sunset is a liar and Time my biggest thief. it is that commodity I have not enough of. Bought, sold, and traded using those frozen moments in time as currency. I make it laugh and it makes me cry…

and just like that, train of thought22550979_474188739631576_890265357_o22554394_474243562959427_1186255345_n, GONE!!! Until next time,



  1. Killed this one! Love it ❤️ You’re getting soooo good at writing I’m proud to say that I am your friend

    Liked by 1 person

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