The Power of Choice, The Re-Mix…

Hey, hi, and hello to all! Thinking……ok, I,m back. Yeah, the power of choice! That,s a very powerful statement. It has become a very powerful life changing commitment for me though. Life! She,s slippery and evolving even while you were asleep, she was moving, forward, at light speed! I was raised right. I chose to be a delinquent! There are many out there myself included, that were maybe not raised right, but have lived the wrong way for so long that the hands on the evolution clock not only stopped, they went backward!

ANIMALISTIC behavior is what they, we, I, them, get reduced to. To survive at all cost no matter what is the only real instinct I was left with if there ever was anything else in there. I had no clue, not one, who I was outside of an addict that would do anything to not die, which meant to get sick. This became my life’s meaning at the time.

Fuck when a poor man gets the blues WHEN A HEROIN ADDICT GETS SICK!

There are, we are, winners and losers. Beggars and choosers! Who are you in the matter? The lies are in the compromise! When turning the other cheek won’t work because you realize you have another one, another cheek. Which one will I be today? There are angels and devils and every dog has its day! Heroe’s become weak. The strong are brought to their knees. The blue turns gray. There is dark in the light. Surrender and live to fight! Do your ears have what it takes to hear what I have to say? At what cost? How much is too much and makes you say, “I will not pay!” Is tomorrow just another day when you can,t find the strength to make it through today? What are you gonna do when you realize tomorrow has become today?

I love therefore I am! The chapter may be over, but I am still writing the book!

Stay Up….22555994_474464756270641_1963254202_o21706007_462534700796980_1043501425_o.jpg


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