Skating on the Surface of life!

Hey, hi, and hello out there I say as I sigh….Woke up to a chilly start. The air is cool and thin, and crisp, sitting here as I await the sunrise. That soul I speak off, it’s stirring wildly about. “The common man might not be that common”, Einstein. That soul, it is mine! It is me! It is Jay. It is who I was, who I have become, and who I aspire to be! Do Good When no one is looking right? It is that passion, that fire that’s inside of me that “burns underneath my fingernails”. My soul….

It stirs. It shakes. It wonders and grows. It Imagines and drops bombs! Sit still and Breathe Blackwell has taken on a new meaning today. I am no longer skating on the surface of life! Stealing the thunder from the sky and letting the lightning out of the bottle! I am, it is, my soul, “in Medias Res”- in the middle of things! My vision is no longer restricted as to who I am and what I have and can become. My mind’s eye has been opened and my soul wanders the depths of the universe when “the sky is a neighborhood”!

I don’t say too many prayers today as my religious views are changing. One I do say many times daily still though is the Serenity prayer. It is the only one that makes sense to me anymore, minus the “G” word. It helps me to realize that when I cannot control a situation that maybe, just maybe, it is me that needs to change. Me, as in my perception of the situation. My reaction or lack thereof of a reaction. Or, a need for there to even be a reaction. Life is simple, I complicate it.

My soul stirs and I let it, encourage it. Movement and change are the only constants. I have become fluid, no longer adrift in a Sea of Fears. Today my ship sails on an Ocean of Dreams that is without shores. And my feelings are no longer my compass. I see so many that are drowning in information but are starved for knowledge! I guess ignorance is still bliss for them. I have found my “why” to live and become able to bear almost any “how”. I am Jay! Who are you in the matter? We do recover! Look Around! Let me in or let me down! To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. Stay up. I love you and you matter to me!22709910_475606682823115_1475891033_n

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