Hey, hi, and hello out there. Setting the stage for emergence with every word I write. I am no longer hindered by the obscurity of my condition or the limiting effects of superstition! If “beautiful things in this world are but shadows of the form of beauty”, I am glad I have chosen the select few that I have to stand in the shadows of!

Limited thinking comes in many forms and has devastating effects that may take years to reveal themselves and I will no longer stand for this. I can do this and more. STOP TELLING ME I CAN’T DO SOMETHING! I can and will and HAVE done many great things and have only just begun! I have not survived what I have because I am weak or feeble or ignorant. Half truths floating around like cottonwood in the spring! To have a restricted vision of myself because others could not or would not do it is a shortcut to thinking and one in which I tend to avoid! I am Jay, hear me roar! I am the only one that stands in the way of my dreams and hopes and I am getting closer to the prize at the end of the rope as the song says! The voice of reason. Let the suffering speak!

By examining my failures I have acquired some strengths I never knew possible. They should have never let me out of the cage and into the building! It has helped me to become less willing to accept superficial interpretations and simplistic answers! This is not a game and I am not playing! Back to work full time so now some of my side projects will have the funding needed to become more than just an idea, more than just a theory, reality! Programs that have been in play for years and decades even that are not working are the problem not solely the fact that people are unwilling. Loopholes and red tape. Stigma’s and judgments and turning a blind eye has people walking around with tunnel vision and blindfolds on. Turning the other cheek has them walking in circles. It still exists even if you refuse to see it! Are we just ostriches with our heads in holes “PRAYING” for change?!!!!! BAWhahahaha! We see how well that has been working. This isn’t 1950’s Mississippi! Who are you in the matter? How soon is now? Start, get up, take a stand and do your part!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope, but you can also call me and I can help! We do recover! Look around! Let me in or let me down! Stay up. I love you and you matter to me.WIN_20171026_07_11_42_Pro

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