One More Time…

Hey, hi, and hello out there. One more time. That’s the answer to the other day’s post, how many more times? Exactly one more time. In this corrupt, polluted, and diseased world, it is hard to find and keep hold of beauty or something considered beautiful. The phrase, there is truth in a sunrise that I used to say so much, well there is. Or is there? are there really any truths available or just perceptions?  Are people really who they appear to be? Or is it all just a front? A facade? We all wear masks, I did and do to an extent still today in the sense that I just do not let go of some of the pain I keep so close because it feels like to let it out will well… I’m tired

I am mostly tired of how ugly we as humans are to ourselves and to each other. How much of your body really has life and existence and how much of that life and existence is actualized by your “soul”? How many of you have ever been so passionate about something it hurts? Not someone, but something, a belief or view or opinion even? Only to have that passion misconstrued as frustration time after time? Ignorance plus power, any sort of authority, equal certain disaster! Sea of fears? Ocean of dreams? More like a river of deceit! There is no justice. There is no right or wrong. People are ugly! At times this is more than my heart can bear. I have been ugly far too long, to myself as well as others and it ends now.

After all, I have been through, self-inflicted and the other, I still hold on to a minimal amount of beauty in my heart but it is becoming next to impossible or like trying to grab ahold of water. Born a broken man? I am not sure but the cracks in my life, my soul, they make it hard to keep a hold of anything beautiful or good as the ugliness seeps in and leaves a stain that nothing will remove.

“Beautiful things in this world are but shadows of the form of beauty”…

One more time though. I will do it one more time forever because what is the alternative?

“…Certain strong and dangerous drives, like an enterprising spirit, foolhardiness, vengefulness, craftiness, rapacity, and the lust to rule, which had so far not merely been honored insofar as they were socially useful-under different names, to be sure, from those chosen here-but had to be trained and cultivated to make them great(because one constantly needed them in view of the dangers to the whole community, against the enemies of the community), are now experienced as doubly dangerous, since the channels to divert them are lacking and, step upon step, they are branded as immoral and abandoned to slander” Nietzsche

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. We do recover. Look around! Let me in or let me down. Stay16522899_357479911302460_803331324_n23666385_486696981714085_1958965277_n up. I love you and you matter to me. “WAKE UP”!

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