Tis the Season…

Hey, hi, and hello out there. Woke up clean once again, and ugly again too though! It’s been a really busy fast three or four days! New chapters being opened in old books, driving, a lot of driving, housework, homework, jobs, both me and my woman are really busy with work and then there is this time of year for us all. The beginning of December, the first week, has four birthdays and an anniversary. Then there is the upcoming holidays, tis the season, right? Not even close to where I am going with this!

One of my favorite philosopher’s, amongst many others I am sure, will argue that no one really does good for no reason at all. It is a pretty deep chapter in one book I am reading that overviews most of his works. BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL is one of the books he wrote and is next up on my read list. Anyways, he argues that everyone has reasons they do good for, selfish reasons. When I first read this I was like come on really? Everyone all the time? I sat back, put the book down, and thought about it really long and hard.

Sunday, 11/19/17, My woman and set out on a journey that took us across two time zones, four counties, about seven hours, and a tank of gas. We went to pick up, literally, a pick-up truck load of donated cold weather items. We sorted them, mens, womens, and childrens, and then started out on the return trip stopping at five different organizations along the way that are near and dear to our hearts and help the underprivileged.It was awesome, it felt really great. I only donated once this year and it was long ago, but that Sunday I gave something more important to me, time.

You see, tis the season has not much really to do with the holiday seasons as much as it does that it is winter and COLD out, tis the season. Tis the season, can you imagine being homeless during the holidays? Outside damn near all or the time? I don’t give because I have so much but because I know what it is like to go without!! I know what it is like to be homeless during the holidays, I’m a veteran and take that last statement for much more than the obvious!!!!

So did I, did we do this for no real reason at all? And was that reason/s selfish? Yes, they were. I gained nothing from this experience in the sense of money or tax relief. I did not even get to see the faces of the people these coats and more were going to. What I did gain was this feeling inside of me that I cannot explain. It’s warm and solid and it comes when I do things like this. Someone is smiling today and doing so a little bit warmer because of what we did! I knew I would feel this way from doing this, so did I do this for selfish reasons? I guess that depends on who you ask!

Tis the season people! That homeless person is a person too! Be kind!

For23770095_487935841590199_2106576816_o.jpg23770026_487936368256813_1268873535_o.jpg23798055_487936034923513_106324226_o.jpg23770216_487935954923521_676603443_o.jpg those of you out there in the grip, I hope! We do recover! Look around! Let me in or let me down! Stay up! Stay human too! I love you and you matter to me!

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