Lightning at Mid-night!

Hey, hi, and hello out there.

There is Lightning at Mid-night and it is only 6pm. What do I do? Where do I go? I cannot see anything but I have it all to show.That lightning may be in the sky, but the thunder is in my head, it’s in my heart!

It’s all up there and in there, each one falling deeper and deeper in Love with the other. It’s brewing up a nasty, my soul that is. And by nasty I mean a storm of epic mother-fucking proportion! It’s electric, the storm or is that my soul? Or BOTH? This is not the first time this has happened but it is the first time I have noticed it for what it is and I have grown not only comfortable with this but long for it! This time though it makes me scared for the morning to show herself to me! It is electric! All of it! My body has done something to my mind that is irreversible.

The catalyst was a failed attempt at something that angered my mind, which long ago became electric! It has its own pulse. It has become something I never thought it would be-but does not surprise me. It is in my blood, it flows through my veins and is now electric as well. It has become a current with no tidal flow at all anymore. It is more powerful than that, laying, building, brewing, learning, absorbing, CHARGING!

When it strikes though, look the fuck out! It almost as if it knows when and where to hit, the how and the why take care of itself. It doesn’t always make a sound you can hear, nope. You can feel it though!

This lightning does not play well with others because it is not playing and this is NOT A GAME!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. We do recover. Look around. Let me in or let me down. I am Jay and I am an addict! Stay up. Stay human. I love you and you matter to me!25035261_495857904131326_554630760_o

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