Manifesto #1

Meet my friend, his name is Truth. He is a terrible liar. I did it! I cut myself again. So sot here and bleed i will…

It’s only gonna last a second, stay awake, dont blink, and run and tell the world what you think!

Sit still and BREATHE Blackwell! My smile is fake so I don’t even try anymore.

I resurrected my guns from the mud. Dried and crusted with blood. A bottle of cheap whiskey- she looks at me and asks “did you miss me”? An old familiar, and old haunt if you will. Now I’m a true Desperado. I really miss Colorado. Not even a relapse. More like a Bounce. The wrong thing for the right reason. Someone whispered to me, “she’s not your season”

So I pour the poison in the glass knowing Im about to do more than fall on my ass.

The Demons SCREAMING in one ear and an angel in the other. Where is my keeper? I thought you said you were my Brother???

Two bullets in the revolver he knows this will all soon be over..

And then I wake up….

Stay up. Stay human

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