Hey, hi, and hello out there. How much of your body do you use that is actualized by your Soul?Is this Something that you can control? I can! I know what you are saying, “yeah right man”!

It came back! That part of me, That part of my soul, Ya know the part that had to flee when things got out of control?! It came back-It returned! shortly after what wasn’t destroyed and after what wasn’t burned!

Once again, I am whole. Not even a single hole-in my Soul. I am gonna take it easy, take it slow-Give it sometime before I give them dice another roll. Maybe take a long walk or a short stroll.

2018 gonna be a good year! My lungs are enjoying this cold thin air. I have a lot of things still to fix and even more to repair. Going to take more time to sit still and BREATHE-to reflect on some failures. This movie won’t make no sense if you skip the trailer.

Mother Teresa said, “none of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”!

That is going to be my quote for a while. That one that I read and reread every day! I am going to put more of my Soul into the small things along with more Love! I will sit on the floor more so I do not feel so above!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. I am Jay and I am an addict! We do recover! Look around. Let me in or let me down. Stay up. Stay Human. I love you and you matter to me!26637627_508571252859991_1969946132_n


  1. This movie won’t make no sense if you skip the trailer.

    YES! I love this.. well and the first half too.
    But god damn, that’s powerful.

    But what about the response to the climatic fall? …The unknown.. the anticipation… the satisfaction.. the distraction..

    Oooo this is good. This is exciting. This is what life is.

    Ps. You never fail to amaze me. Some days your words say it perfectly.

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  2. You are the movie watcher!! Not I. Nor someone else on the side lines. You are the one making sense of all…. you are the one pressing replay making sense of this thing called life.

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