That Crazy Diamond…

He looks at her differently this time-He looks more in her eyes and at her face because it’s more than just his feet that have found their pace…

He breathes his air and she breathes hers-If they share, they die! True story, its no lie. nor is it a fallacy of equivocation-What you know about Life Blackwell? Not much! But together we’ll finish the equation! What you know about Love Blackwell? I know its something this world could use more of!

Four feet with the same pace but two totally different strides! I just got in and sat down-Hold on! It’s gonna be a wild ride!

Looking into her eyes with my hand upon her face, I realize, it’s Her! She’s the one that’s all along been my Ace.She was right there all this time right there in my back pocket-I thought I lost it but have just come to find it!

2 Minutes and 49 seconds all day long!!! Stay up….WIN_20180110_07_03_34_Pro

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