Assassination of My Soul…

Went to church not because singing on Sunday was to save my Soul, but because there were things going on I once thought were out of my control-Self Sabotage-Assassination of my Soul.

Unwritten fate-it’s up there stirring about, my Soul, is it too late? Fated!

While the world was sleeping, I was planning my death! Plotting, scheming, transpiring as to how I would take my last breath! I needed more, it wasn’t enough, I used to think I was tough…

I snatched it from up there in the sky, my Soul! I choked it! I threw it down into the depravity of that hole! Some are sicker than others! Where is my keeper? Where is my brother???

Anialation, mutilation, assassination, Reincarnated…how do I destroy something that is supposed to be immortal? Grabbing hold of them things that were once outa my control!

Thirteen angels on rusted horses cannot save me so what makes you think you can? Here we go with this shit again!

I lay down and die every night. I must surrender, give in, tap out! I don’t expect you to know what I’m talking about…to die when I close my eyes-to come undone only after my song is sung. My Soul is useless in hell. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll be reincarnated and live and have a story to tell! Whats that? I am a Liar? STick around and see what transpires!

You think you do, but you don’t even know me! Where’s Duke? I miss my Homie!


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