Screaming Brain Attack!

“It is the deviants among us who hold society together”, Dalton Conley.

Next stop, Derelict Station. Climb aboard the all but abandoned Pain Train–>there’s room for one more. Come on in?!?! take a VaCaTiOn!!!!

                                        <—-!SCREAMING BRAIN ATTACK!—->

The train pulls away with no destination in sight. How much longer can I put up a Fight? It zigs and I zag, I’m on that train but getting jet lag!

Relentlessly REAl in a remarkably fake world. One thought plus five dreams, in my head they swirl—climbing up on to a plane of existence- resting on an event that hasn’t even occurred yet! Deja Vu- who is that in the distance? Is that you?

                                       <—-!SCREAMING BRAIN ATTACK!—->

The phone rings. The voices, they start. Enter it into the equation, you know? my heart?! The world is messy, diseased, and corrupt! or, is it just “lived in”? One foot as steady as a mountain goat and the other got me slippin, Sit still and breath Blackwell-more like Coughin and Spittin!

So I give up and I give in and roll over onto my back. I let go of all control and surrender to another, SCREAMING BRAIN ATTACK!!!!


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