Fear what is out there, but face what is in here! Hey, hi, and hello out there!

“Born with insight and a raised fist”! as I awake, a pile of ash, hot and still smoldering! The stench of broken dreams-hopelessness-despair-fills the air!

No man left behind! I am brOKen! Lost! at times, astray! I think it’s safe to say! But I have found that new way and for the most part, I am ok!

What about the ones who aren’t though? The ones who cannot draw another breath because hopelessness has them by the throat! You won’t even throw them a lifering from the safety of your boat! (i mean office!)

Walking around with a glass full of water in a building that suffers from extreme drought! Programs that DON’T WORK! and new ones about to be in play….Let the suffering speak! But no one will hear what I have to say! 

I’m going someplace to where there is no turning back!

“you’re overwhelmed”, “you’re overconfident”, “pride comes before the fall”, “you run from things”

HOW DARE YOU! ALL OF YOU! Judge me for my past when it’s time for “the last shall be first and the first shall be last”!! You’ve never walked a mile in my shoes, let alone ten steps! I’m willing to make a bet-most of you couldn’t! not before, not now, NOT YET!!!!

It’s not a fucking complicated process! It’s really very simple. Everything is cause and effect and it only takes one drop to cause a ripple!

                                      —->BORN OF ZAPATAS BLOOD<—-

I’m not the only one that sees’s things and observes how stagnant things have become! To be the only one smiling in a world that’s become melancholy and cumbersome, that’s not anywhere I wanna come from!

I may not have my degree, yet. But, I have LIVED what you all have read from those books! naw, I SURVIVED!

Who are you in the matter? How soon is now? They are ready for me to start!

I hope every time you look in the mirror, you see me! The time has come to let those who suffer out of their cages and be FREE!


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