His Soul falls faster than the star he rode upon which gave him the wish that allowed his dreams to come to life! Will it, his Soul, crash land into the sea of fears? Into that cesspool of broken dreams that smells of pride, corruption and greed and is full of tears? Or, will it break through those clouds of doubt and splash back into the ocean of dreams and lay afloat in rich, vibrant blue waters?

Riding stars has its up’s and it has its down’s. It’s full of laughter and tears, smiles and frowns.

My Soul though, it’s not for sale. It can’t be bought nor SOULD! At times I feel as though I’m drowning even in that ocean of dreams! Until I realize I can stand up! And Stand I shall even if it means for a while I must stand alone! No amount of material things, nothing that even exists or currency that could be made, would ever have me pondering a trade!


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