Head Cannon…

Good morning out there! It’s Monday again! I sometimes wish I could slow my brain down only so I can keep up with it physically! So many good ideas have been lost not only in translation but from the lack of my ability to keep up with myself! I’m typing this post without looking at the keyboard in an attempt to up my typing skills game. Sometimes I do everything all day long with only my left had to gain skills with it as well as to know more of what its like to have barriers or limitations I sometimes take for granted! Try it sometime…

It’s loaded again, the cannon that is in my head. It happens every morning after I awake a pile of ash after dying in my own bed. Most of you will never get past the words you have just read-you never really heard the words I have said or bled out onto paper! It’s just on with your next Kaper, on with the whole complicated scheme!

Meanwhile, I’m over here throwing up Gasoline! Chlorine dreams! For my life isn’t only about just words, it is and has become about action and the deed! My abilities are Sanguine! No need to look into the in-between, It’s all right here in black and white! It’s not a battle, it’s not war, it’s a fight! It’s a struggle within. One in which, at times, it feels as if I cannot win! The air outside is getting warmer, but it’s still thin!

Fear of taking the next step, I found is false! That fear isn’t healthy and did not come from within. It came from years of being beaten down and told I’ll never fit in! I have sat back and done some self-reflection. I have also considered some sources! They may have some truth, and may even contain some validity, but if I always did what you always say, the world would never see what I am meant to be! I am an addict, my name is Jay! I hope you all have a nice day! Stay up. Stay human!


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