“Midnight in Her Eyes…”

Hey, hi, and hello out there! I awoke again that pile of ash. It’s early and the Sun is not even up yet. Movement is little more than instinctual. Life, she never sleeps. Even in the predawn hour, I still see” Midnight in Her Eyes”. She crafty and at times, full of lies. It’s one after another, surprise after surprise, sunrise after sunrise. 

It may be ” Midnight in Her Eyes” that I see, but it’s fear and failure I can smell on her breath. She never sleeps, never rests. It is at this very moment I can sense she is weak, gasping for air, out of breath, and wobbly in her step! So many times have I cheated death! But how do I snatch the Life out of Life when she is weak with her steps? There ain’t no mercy for me anywhere I look, not even in that fucking big book. She must have me misunderstood, got me fucked up, mistook!

So I do it! I yank that bitch up by the hair as she says, “this ain’t fair”! And I laugh, Life, telling ME this ain’t fair! It’s all coming together, piece by peace, step by step. Stay tuned to hear what he has to say, Ya know, Ollie from over at the news desk?

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. We do recover! Look around! Let me in or let me down! I am Jay and I am an addict! I love you and you matter to me. Stay up. Stay human too though!


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