Forever No More…

Time! As much as I wish it was, it’s not on my side. So, I sit, be still, and breathe! I do as much or as little as it will allow and it is by Time’s rules I abide and follow.

A timepiece and a clock. A wrist with a watch. A calendar or a sundial, these are just a few ways to keep track of Lifes tribulations and of her trials.

Forever though! It’s one of those phrases or terms. It is one of those words! It gets thrown around blindly and to me is just absurd!!! Does it really even exist? Forever, Don’t say it no more, see if you can resist!?

Forever! I hear it most from lovers and then family and then friends. It is usually there when they first say it in the beginning, but it’s never there when I look for it and need it the most, in the end!

I can’t have this type of forever in my Life no more! If that’s what I wanted I could go buy that from the store!28810906_535414710175645_979675572_o.jpg


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