Trapdoors on the Sun…

Where do I go? WHere do I turn? When will I learn? Three or four people on the same level as I am, Green Eggs and Ham and sam I am. Mindless meaningless conversations everywhere I go. What do ya say? what do ya know? So much more! So much more to live and learn and experience! SO much more I wanna know! So, I take the road less traveled all the while I know it’s going to come unraveled. Dead man’s curve and unexpected forks right after the longest straight away I have ever experienced in my life. Alone in a room full of people that have become some far off acquaintances that I used to know in a former life. Nameless and faceless. Blank!

100 proof and I refuse to water myself down for the taste of others! Silently whispering with these words that are like screams to me! Can’t you see? I’m taking my ball and going home! I think I would just rather be alone! Going through the Trapdoor on the Sun…

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