It’s Heavy! The weight of things! Things are what the world has been reduced to by society and now myself included. I have lived too long in the world I know of after 7am which is full of greed and overrun with those that are corrupted! The night is no longer able to hold me hostage! FUCK! 

Gravity and the weight of things! Everything has a weight, everyone, every choice, every situation, all of it, it all has a weight in which I can no longer bear! Can you hear me?! Is there anybody out there?!!! Nameless and faceless. Mindless conforming sheep slowly moving where the heard takes them! Staring at phones, give me give me give me, more, more, more! As privileged as a whore mo more!

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL and paranoia is a must when that feeling I feel the most is DISGUST! Movements are little more than instinctual as I have become just a shell of a man while I await my soul to return from stirring about!

Stop telling me it will be ok! Do you have a crystal ball? It will be whatever it is going to be and in this shit, I must sit. I try to outrun it but it is faster! I try and fit it but it is stronger! I try and reveal it but it cloaks itself. I put it up on a shelf. I sit. still. Abd I breathe or at least try to and beg for patience because there is nothing else but patience that I have ever found that works for this. It begins where it ends, over and over, again and again! Nothing matters in the end, if it did it would not be the end!

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