I sit with my Homie by my side, at my feet. smoking a Newport as I watch this beautiful lie of a sunset and think, Life she’s pretty sweet! Even though she’s a liar, the sunset, she is also a thief! The night can hold me, hostage, no more but is where I tend to find the most relief! It cannot get here too soon, my best friend, the man on the moon!

Staring out the window of my bedroom, which is full of books, journals, lies and truths, intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge-most of which didn’t even come from college. It’s full of colors-mostly reds and blues with a little bit of browns and some black too!

The air is cold and thin and constantly moving. I no longer feels as though I always need to be proving. It’s overflowing with dreams and imagination leaving little room for hesitation after contemplation!

I write in this blog, which to some, might be worthless or I draw and even though that is wordless it still has a purpose, as my life and what is really important begins to surface!

                    !!!!Promises wrote in chalk get washed away by the rain!!!!

I’ve heard it said that “it begins, your life, it starts, with the last beat of your father’s heart” What if I die doing what my Father died doing? I am tired of proving!

There’s this light inside of me, but how will I use it? I can only hope that it doesn’t get lost in translation-in the confusion!

Are you ready for what happens when you pull the trigger and you’re playing with the Devil’s gun? Trapdoors on the Sun!

The air is still thin but is now warm. I feel like it’s getting ready to storm! Fear is in the mirror and it’s closer than it appears! It’s not just my fear though, no no! It’s that of those who once stood on my sidelines cheering me on and giving me support. They said I was their biggest success story but in all reality always expected me to fail. Little do they know that the winds of change always catch my sail! I was served a life sentence with a charge always pending. What’s he gonna do next? That Blackwell? I guess I’ll leave em guessing…

Immortalized! I may not be in their lives much anymore, if at all, but here I am standing TALL! Those that once stood on my sidelines yelling give em hell have faded but still watch with an eager and suspenseful eye as I rewrite my story each day for them to run and tell!

Staring down the barrel of Life with my goals and dreams in my sites and every day more and more within my reach! You’ll continue to hear and see more and more about me and when you look in the mirror it’ll be the reflections of my success in your eyes that you will see and wonder if things would’ve been different, how would they have turned out to be?

Today, I am 2 minutes and 49 seconds all day!


To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. I am Jay! We do recover! Look around! Let me in you

have already let me down! Stay up and stay human too! I love you and you matter to me!


  1. Immortalized! I may not be in their lives much anymore, if at all, but here I am standing TALL!

    You go baby! Never stop, never give up! I’m so proud of you. Xoxox

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