“Within the Limits of Reason>>>”

Hey, hi, and hello out there! Can you fucking hear me?!  Just wondering because I don’t seem to get the views other people do on here. Bats in the belfry in churches without steeples! PAIN! It changes people! It allows me to still feel! Every breathe I take I have to steal! Right after disgust, which is, unfortunately, a must, is pain, that feeling I feel the most! I am Jay, I am a drug addict and or an alcoholic! I am so fucking tired of hearing and saying this so fucking call it whatever the fuck you wanna call it! 

Eating my dinner from a box again, alone and I keep telling my best friend to stop and get away so I can eat in peace when he really just wants to be close to me. Living rich but I damn sure won’t be dying broke! Inner peace and thicker skin are my only hope! AIn’t no mercy for me there anymore! I got that feeling once again, ya know, as privileged as a whore! What you holding onto that gun for? What’s good for you may not be good for me, can’t you see? by saying that you are judging me! Do this and definitely don’t do that as I hear the whispers while I pull the knives outa my back! Yet I still feel that sweet emotion because I finally found that witch doctor and drank the magic potion!

A sane six is better than a crazy nine! Stop telling me everything is gonna be fine or that you don’t have the time! Nothing to prove as I break all the fucking rules! Setting the bar, you wanna get to my level? Climb! High and far!

You don’t hafta see it to believe it, but you must feel it to be it! Waging war on the battlefield with legends! I’ve unplugged from society for a while in order to find time to “remove the deception which arose from a false interpretation”! Recovery, therapy, and medication or the lack thereof didn’t save my life! They prolonged it! Skateboarding has and continues to. The “Royal Pretender, Artificial Indifferentism”…

Vaunted dreams disappear and I no longer have anything I truly cherish. Time for me to lay down and the birth of a legend will perish!

“what can we hope to achieve with reason, when all the material and assistance of experience is taken away”? I really don’t have anything more to fucking say…

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope because it’s a fucking lonely existence! We do recover, look the fuck around! Let me out as I am tired of being let the fuck down! I am just Jay from now on, deal with it! Stay up and stay human too though. I love you even if you don’t love yourself! Dueces…

p.s., common sense only becomes uncommon when the cost to pay attention becomes too high…


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