a priori…

Hello out there, once again. I have a confession to make for it’s happiness that I can no longer fake. My smile has been raked off my face by society in general. Humans are an ugly species! Shaking my head as I throw my arms up! Abrupt! People are greedy, selfish, and corrupt! One thing is for sure, nothing is pure anymore. Sacred days long been gone and the night is no longer long-coming undone-as privileged as a whore!

I am a million miles from yesterday and tomorrow isn’t in my sites anymore. So, it is with much regard but not hard at all, that I am to completely withdraw from all unnecessary human interaction! It is your contingency of judgments I can stand no more! Shut the front door! AND LOCK IT!

Spherically empirical and antecedent accusations, assumptions, presumptuous thinking-smile to my face as you break my heart while not even blinking! I am all gave out! I have nothing more to offer-nothing more to give! I just wanted to laugh, to love, I just wanted to live! 

I’d rather be alone with my thoughts, my books, and journals, with my music, and with my Homie. I would rather play with my friends in my head instead because I cannot let you hurt me anymore or break my heart again because I am already dead!

I will continue writing and even post on here once in a while, but maybe with a different style…

I haven’t given up like most will probably think as they read this post and shake their fist but what little I have left, I cannot risk!

Rebuilding on solid ground of experience. I can only wish you would have seen the error in your ways…or listened to anything that I had to say…

People say to me “if you can’t see the blessing then be the blessing”. FUCK THAT! Blessings are given and nobody gives me shit!I am tired of giving. I am all gave out! Being a giver for so long, I have found myself surrounded by takers! Life after seven am is greedy and corrupt, t-minus five minutes…

To those of you out there in the grip, I can only hope! Only you can save you from yourself and your day! I am Jay! Let out and still down. Stay up and stay human too!

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