when the sun goes down in mexico…

hey, hi, and hello. can you hear me out there? well, somebody at least gotta feel this! i am jay, i am me! go get some binoculars if this you cannot see! better yet, stay the fuck out my business!

we look up at the same stars but see different things! what the fuck will tomorrow bring? Who knows and who cares! smiles and cries mixed with some frightful scares! it keeps the ink flowing. most of the time, most of the world will go on not caring, not knowing! 

i been a gypsy so long i don’t have a place to call home! i have no family,  no parents either. ward, don’t be so hard on the beaver! the difference between me and you is i don’t mind being alone! i was born for this shit and in it, i will sit, still, and fucking BREATHE blackwell! i’m last in line and i don’t mind, it’s fine. go ahead… 

i keep walking, with my head held high because i am too dead to die. by my side you said you would always ride yet here i am, alone. don’t bother, it’s too late, to throw a dog a bone. it cheapens it! every man bleeds like me? naw! i doubt that because ink is the only thing flowing through my veins, can ‘t you read? i forgot, you ain’t blind but you still can’t see!

love? that’s funny! more like lust, still that feeling i feel the most is disgust! and then hatred, anger, bitterness, and sorrow. don’t walk behind me! don’t read this or follow! be gone! git! go! as i carry on all nice and slow, but steady, i was born for this, ready!?

whats good for me may not be good for you. so you do what you say and i’ll do what the fuck i wanna do! when those feelings that were once red, turn blue! what are you gonna do? hold your breath because you’re breathing the wrong air and don’t even care! Don’t you remember? you said you read it, you said you understood. you must think that i’m just some dumb hood! it’s ok though, i’m used to being confused and misunderstood! i don’t trust GIRLS with short hair! they never have time for me! i may be blind, but that is plain to see! what you are right now is what you will always be!

a young chic and an old man, most are not a fan and for good reason. i been there, done that, you’re not my season and i ain’t in the business of pleasin. you teach people how to treat you and you got me guessing and i will never again pray for a blessing and you ain’t tryna learn another lesson!

shooting stars! i watch you fucking chase yours and by that only will you go far! i’m doing it over here, you know, what you make look so fucking hard?!!!!!!

when the sun goes down in mexico, you’ll never know!

to those of you out there in the grip, i can only hope! no one or nothing changes! keep on keepin on though because, where else you gonna go? i am jay and i hope you heard what i had to say! i no longer want in and im fine on the outs! you probably have no idea what im talking about! stay up and stay human too! i don’t even love myself so i cannot love you!WIN_20180315_20_12_25_Pro (2)


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