Good morning out there. This post was inspired by Linda J. Wolff, a fellow blogger here on WordPress. I read most of her post and had to start bleeding my own twist on it and after a few dozen lines I asked her if it was ok to use her title, hence why it is quotations. So, here I go Linda, I hope you enjoy this. I wrote some of this in the airport yesterday as I waited for my train, but most of this I will write right off the cuff this morning so excuse the mess if it appears to be all over the place as that is the current state of emotions and thoughts! The current sound of my noise!

Implicit thoughts thought to be explicitly thought. Internally built but externally bought! I implore you to explore this, make it a thought, the fact that noise can have a color or that emotions can be bought!

NOISE! sometimes it comes outa left field and without warning! Absent of all color at first, without meaning and steadily streaming! This type of noise can never be white but somehow always feels right. This noise can feel! It’s as electric as an eel. It’s fueled by what you feel, so it begins to steal at first leaving you to wonder “can this even be real”? It builds off of your emotions like the swells in the ocean and if you’re not careful, can quickly become an out of control motion. THUNDEROUS! POUNDING and RYTHMIC! This noise changes colors, flashes of emotional upheaval! Instinctual, conceptual, MIDEVIL! This noise tastes like metal, like BLOOD! This is the noise I hear and feel and taste the most. It’s like when you heat up cold steel with a torch, it is cold and maybe blue at first, silent. But that hot red and blue torch heats the metal, things begin to change, the smells, the colors, the sounds as it expands and Pops! Wait for it, it’s ready to drop!

Sometimes noises are necessary, sometimes not. Sometimes noises are providers and at others, a thief. They will take all you got and then give you some relief. Sometimes they are the voices telling me to question my beliefs!

Sometimes, I am noise! Sometimes I crave noise. I really cannot remember a time when there wasn’t noise in my life even if it wasn’t white,

Think about it. When is it silent in your world? Is it comforting or torturous? Is the silence Thunderous?! I will write more on this later for I have to get ready to conquer the world…

I am just Jay again today, stay up…


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