Life Before Insanity…

Good morning out there.

                                         Stereotypes, Judgments, Stigmas

One may never know exactly or formally why these “things” are what/why they are the way they are and most of you, myself included, reading this are too young to know what the meaning was behind them when they were initially put into motion, when they were birthed, conceived. Did they start out as just another thought implicitly thought? or were they just another notion? Some sort of sound out of nowhere in someone’s mind that slowly turned into a noise they could no longer ignore so they began to implore others to explore them some more?

                                 ——>INTERCEPTION OF CONCEPTION<——-

Maybe, when they were birthed, and first born, they were simply meant to help those who may have lost their way to conform? Times change. People change. Societal norms change. Societies grow and take shapes foreign to those without eyes and to those that do not possess the ability to cry!

These “things” I speak of have morphed—-evolved! They have turned into a monster that almost cannot be stopped!!! They leave no room for individuality or creativity! They are cold and lonely, dark and depressing, AGGRESSIVE towards the week and to the quiet and meek.

I wish there were no need for groups and cliques, for sub-cultures or counter-cultures. I wish we could stop dividing up society and just appreciate a continuum of humanity! I wish those in charge of looking would start doing some seeing!!! We are all human beings!!!!

I have adjusted my lens of perception to find some depth perception and in doing so have had an apperception!

The title of this blog, “Life Before Insanity”, means something to me and is not just a collection of letters that have been successfully grouped into some words on a computer screen or on paper! you see, there never was a time in my life where insanity did not exist until I got clean on June fifth of 2016,! Not even when I was still in the womb! My father did someone dirty and he and my mother, while she was pregnant with me, were shot at from just a few feet away! Luckily they missed as I am sitting here penning this post. My childhood, if you could ever call it that, was nothing short of a fucking nightmare that never seemed to end, not even when became an adult! 

I started to think about all of this some time ago after continuously hearing people say that they wished they could just go back to the way life was before the insanity. Well, there is no going back for me, nowhere healthy anyways. For me, it is Life after the insanity and comes here lately, things have been pretty insane by definition and stereotypes and judgments and stigmas are not fucking helping! Hasty generalizations and sweeping fallacies as some continuously Straw man me!

Soul cakes for breakfast this morning as me and Duke eagerly await the Sunrise! Those holes that were left in my Soul from those I once looked up to, you know, the ones that turned out to be assholes, those holes are being filled from the Love that one has spilled!

Thicker skin and inner peace! I wear my heart on my sleeve! I am Jay and I BELIEVE!!!!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope you never let go! Stay up! Stay human too though! I love you and you matter to me!IMG_20180310_182054.jpg

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