The calamity of Senses!

Hotter than an infection with no cure in site! I ain’t wrong but you ain’t right!

I stomp around town with a frown on my face—>Maced! Each minute I’m just seconds from catching another case! Living beyond the edges of my mind-outer space-erratically erased! Ziggin and Zaggin, every turn I take, every move I make, society is red flaggin! I just wanna put my head in a bag and…

UPS, special delivery! Mr. McFeely! Just tryna live life freely! It’s impossible but how can this be? Go ahead, judge me! I’m still gonna BELIEVE!

Dark thoughts implicitly though! Nothing for sale here, so, nothing can be bought!

Serial Killer! Swimming in hot tar. “Watch me go far”! Too high to die up here with the Man On The Moon, with the stars. I am who I am and you are what you are! No, more like what you were! “Blackwell, what’d you say that for”?

Smashing mirrors as I wait for it, the smoke, to clear. Then, out of nowhere, it appears! But now I cannot see through my tears! Blurred visions and improvising with my insufficient provisions! I may or I may not overcome–I have succumbed-consumed into the plume! I am no longer able to mask the stink fumes from the cesspool with perfume!

“Another cloud of smoke and my conscious becomes clean”! Chlorine dreams and sterile at 3AM–>here we go with this shit again–Finnigan Beginagain! I am only what I’ve always ever been! You read what I wrote but never heard what I said!!!!!!

Grey hair everywhere! Each one has a story to tell! They speak of each time I fell and some, well they bought the lies you had to sell!

How much does it cost? No, not that, I mean the cost of tea in China! Death by Vagina!

Resurrection of the infection as I sit here and smoke in the non-smoking section. Reserved, you got what you deserved! Layin low as I die slow…

Its going down! The fight! Who wanna ride out tonight? Can you see me? Can you hear me? “Hold me down, Biggie!” No relief in site, only Hope at the end of a rope.

In the asylum and its Life, I went insane from! Coughing up Blood and throwing up Gasoline! Nightmares and dreams. Seeing the unforeseen!

Empty promises wrote in chalk getting washed away by the rain! Down on me, it reigns! Fallacy of equivocation! Blackwell, whatever do you mean? Deliberation of the Liberation! and without collaboration!

                                            !!!The Calamity of the Senes!!!

On the fence and on the defense! Without pretense! Conformity, just another sheep as I watch Little Bo Peep weep! I sit here above ground but I’m already six feet deep. Crocodile Tears! Overcome and ate up with fear. You can’t polish a turd, it smears! Smiley faces made from mustard and my face is salami. My own mother doesn’t even want me! ALL THREE OF EM!

Bout to go lay down in my bed and die! Papercuts on my eyes are no longer a surprise! The boy was too young to die…



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