Two thousand and NEVER!

Aww FUCK! Jay’s on a killing spree! Again! Ain’t no further than I’ve always ever been! Ready to die! This time with my motherfucking eyes wide open! Written words, blood on paper. This way or that way? Which one is safer???!!!

We have forever! What year is it? Two thousand and never! Ties have been cut, SEVERED! Doors closed and slammed shut! But for what? Burnt bridges and lost lovers all fell by the wayside as I take another stride!

Hotter than an infection! Can you feel the tension?! LIFE! It’s in the mirror and she’s closer than she appears, BIGGER! Sitting here with the gun in my hand and my finger on the trigger…

Cold blue steel! Icy hot! The struggle is for fucking real! That last breath of air, I had to steal!

Die slow! It’s hard to stay up when all I do is live below! I got the slows!  Blow after Blow, all below the belt. I guess you’ll never know what it was I once felt. Split open and melt!

No numbers as they have been erased just like the smile on my face—-maced! Written words that will never be spoken and maybe, never even read! The gun is in my hand but the bullet is already in my head!

I no longer want to see it. I no longer feel! Ate up! Born with no thumbs, deaf and dumb! When the red turns blue. Papercuts on my eyes and it’s no surprise

. I’m ready to die, how bout you?

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