Hotter than an Infection!

My words, they’re read and like germs, they spread! I’m that rash you can’t reach! Some things can never be taught, impossible to teach!

White bitches livin beyond their means off of other peoples’ riches! The sweat from my brow as my back fucking breaks, I have no more to give! Nothing more for you to take! You’ll never understand what I know! I’m living so rich and I’m flat-ass broke! It’s ok–I ain’t mad atcha though! Die slow, Jay, die slow!

The second hand on the second chance clock turns, but ohhh sooooo ssslllloooowwwwww……….

Hocus-Pocus! “Bring tha motha-fuckin Ruckus”! ENSLAVED! Blackwell!!!! Be still! And behave!

Shadow boxing on sunny days! Roots that are rusty, work boots are dirty but never get dusty and my knuckles, well, then bloody they must be!

It’s not too late I think I’ll go skate!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope! I am Jay and I used to shoot dope! STay up! Stay human too though!WIN_20180326_18_56_16_Pro (2)

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